3 diseños de alumni del IED Barcelona, en el talent de 3Cat ‘Epic Nails’


02 February 2024

Sofia Coll, finalist at Benidorm Fest who rose to fame as a contestant on the second edition of 'Euforia' (TV3), showcases these looks in a show where fashion and trends play a major role

Epic Nails is a new talent show on 3Cat, the digital content platform of Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals, in which eight manicurists compete to become the best nail artist. The show has chosen designs by IED Barcelona alumni for the wardrobe of its presenter, Sofia Coll.

The outfits include three looks from the final theses with which Maria Cohen, Nicole Ureña and Tània Salse graduated in Fashion Design in 2023.

The outfit created by Maria Cohen, a shirt and pair of slacks from her “Once upon a time” collection for women, is a colourful proposal that recalls the absence of childhood memories through holes of various sizes in the garments. The designer plays with volumes and structures in this look to convey the movements and fluidity of playgrounds, using a colour palette dominated by light blue, and its shades, and black.

Meanwhile, the look designed by Nicole Ureña is part of her “Senescent” autumn-winter collection, which explores the ageing of women’s bodies and their deformation over time. The aesthetic tis a blend of rave and goth, featuring (nappa) leather in various tones and finishes of black and blue as her main resource, as well as corsetry and a mix of fabrics (such as gabardines and cotton twills) combining exaggerated volumes and superimposed layers.

Finally, Tania Salse’s proposal comes from her “Stuff we don’t need” collection, which is centred around the excessive and constant consumption of our society, in which the quantity of garments we own takes precedence over their quality. To counteract this trend, the designer has created several looks in raw tones by using upcycling processes that combine the superimposition of household fabrics, such as cotton and linen sheets and curtains, with elements of second-hand underwear, such as garters and bras.

Sofia Coll, finalist at Benidorm Fest who rose to fame as a contestant on the second edition of Euforia (TV3), showcases these looks in an innovative digital format with a modern aesthetic in which fashion and trends play a major role

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