David Cabezuelo, alumnus del Grado de Diseño Gráfico del IED Madrid, finalista del premio Stone and Wood


05 October 2023

Post-vision is the first colour chart/swatchbook for blind people.

The Stone and Wood is an award given by the city of Bilbao together with the Provincial Council of Bizkaia within the framework of the Selected Europe: it promotes professionals and new talents within the design industry. 

David Cabezuelo is finalist for this award thanks to Post-vision, his graduated project where he created the first colour chart/sampler for blind people. Post-vision is a social and inclusive project whose mission is to be a code of understanding of colour between blind and sighted people, as well as a bridge between the language of colour and the language of Braille.

David developed a colour chart that enables the knowledge of colour through the Braille language and that, in addition, allows the combination and definition of each of the Post-vision colours through its user manual.

All of this solves the day-to-day problem for blind people when choosing a colour by touch and taking into account Braille regulations. A project that looks at the real problems of blind people and seeks to attend to and improve their lives, responding to their requests.

On 23 and 24 November Selected event will take place in the city of Bilbao, an annual two-day event full of conferences, talks and activities to share ideas, exchange knowledge and new ideas and contribute to collective creativity in an environment of creative professionals and students. Among the activities that will take place during these two days is the Stone and Wood award.


All the best of luck to David!

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