15 May 2024

An exercise by Graphic Design students to reflect on the experience of living in three key cities in Spain.

Our personal experiences of a place shape the image we have of it, creating a unique and individual reality.

This is the starting point that inspires the work of three Graphic Design students from the Barcelona, Bilbao, and Madrid campuses, under the guidance of IED teachers, recently published by Yorokobu.

In an exercise of exploration and creative freedom, Emily Daria Monfared (IED Barcelona), María Mur (IED Kunsthal Bilbao), and Elena del Prado (IED Madrid) invite us to take a 'walk' through the cities where they live and study.

The result is illustrated maps with very different styles, but a common denominator of creativity. They have woven a specific narrative through the spots along the route to reflect the essence of each place, all while retaining their personal experiences and their vision and style as designers

From small historic shops and natural environments to iconic landmarks, the graphic pieces offer us a fresh and different perspective of three cities that breathe tradition and modernity, presenting a mosaic of architectural and cultural richness and innovation.

You can see the complete maps below. But if you want to download them, as well as discover more details about the creative process and the students behind them (texts in Spanish), don't miss the articles in Yorokobu!


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