IED Next and Amaze Project


01 September 2020

Due to the pandemic on 2020 the digital exhibitions took the place of the classic end-of-year physical showcases: IED has made a virtue of necessity.

IED Madrid and Barcelona for example launched IED Next, a virtual platform where graduate students showcased their final projects and creations.

IED Next was conceived as a collaborative project on Fashion, Visual Communication, Product Development, Interior Design, Transport and Management and Design Strategies. The aim of the platform was to stimulate students and to help them discover their entrepreneurial spirit, it also worked to connect graduate students with the business world.

IED Milano realized a parallel concept with Amaze Project - a virtual exhibition dedicated to talents and projects, an invitation to dream about the most beautiful creative crafts, in an interactive gamified world. An immersive trip across a large 3D wonderland where you could experience the best thesis projects by students graduated from IED Milano in the areas of Design, Fashion, Visual Arts and Communication.

Among the protagonist projects, intelligent products that dialogue with the user by supporting them in everyday life; short films, 3D movies, animation shorts and photo shootings; illustrated books, videogames or interactive game experiences; fashion, inclusive accessories and jewelry collections; strategic-creative communication and marketing plans that aim at conveying values; interior design projects for a new way of experiencing commercial or domestic environments and, with them, relationships.

Giacomo Giannella, IED Alumnus in CG Animation and co-founder with Giuliana Geronimo of Streamcolors studio (the one IED collaborated with on the development of this project) said: "The experience is designed to provide different levels of access: from the quick consultation of the contents to the 3D experience of visiting, which through the two site-specific installations on display at IED (visors and videogame booth) will complete what has been started on the app at home".

Starting from a practical necessity IED developed through these two concepts new communication languages, new lenses to read the world we inhabit.

In IED we believe in images as a powerful language able to shape people and cultures.

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