Graphic Design



Start date

January 2025




On campus


3 Months



Learn to conceive and develop visual narratives in different formats from a creative, professional perspective.

ThisSpecialization Course in Graphic Design introduces you to the various stages involved in the production of graphic work as you discover the most effective technological tools to use.  

After an introduction in a professional studio, you’ll use your newly acquired knowledge to develop projects based on company briefs.

You’ll learn to use the best software programs to develop a graphic project, adopt presentation techniques and use scale models, prepare estimates, and learn the ins and outs of the pre-press, production and post-production processes.

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This course emulates a professional studio in the classroom, where you’ll develop various graphic design projects based on real and near-real company briefs.

In the 3-month course you’ll put theory into practice and combine creative subjects, to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the project process and requirements. The course is split into four main components: Typography and composition, Software, Graphic production and Special workshops. You’ll leave no stone unturned in this project-based course, developing your creative skills to produce projects that satisfy your client’s style expectations. 

If you want to create your first graphic design projects using the most effective tools with a solid grounding in the basic concepts of graphic design, this is the course for you.

Designers working in other fields, Fine Arts and Audiovisual Communication graduates and students, photographers, editors, publicists, proof-readers, journalists, printers, typographers, calligraphers who want more in-depth knowledge of graphic design will find the course both interesting and useful.

This course gives you a solid grounding in the basics of graphic design:  image theory and concept, the history of graphic design, the specific software used, final production checks and post-production. There’s also a block of special workshops focused on corporate image, digital design for packaging or editorials.

It’s a course that gives you a professional perspective, studying under a teaching team of experts eager to pass on their experience, with insider info on the current situation in the sector; a course that opens doors with this highly sought-after profile on the market.

The strategic location of IED puts you right where the action is, as Barcelona is where you’ll find some of the most successful advertising and design companies in Europe, and they’re always looking for new talent.


This 3-month course begins with the theory and a quick look at the history of graphic design. Then we’ll start using the software graphic designers use every day in the industry and find out exactly what goes into the creative and finishing processes. Last but not least, you’ll put theory into practice and your newfound knowledge to the test in a number of hands-on workshops.


Typography and projects

Image concept and creativity


Adobe InDesign

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator


Final production checks and finishing in graphic arts

PDF and post-production


Corporate image

Digital design and editing

Institutional design

Editorial design

Graphical photography