La tesi del Corso di Illustrazione e Animazione colpisce al “quore” e vince


19 January 2021

This dissertation coming from IED Milano is entitled ‘Un Quore Sbagliato’ - A Wrong Heart, with an intentional Q spelling mistake in Italian. It is a short animated film that stood out at the latest Giuseppe Laganà Awards.

A new award for the students of IED Milano, which comes along as a result of a short animated documentary called 'Un Quore Sbagliato', made with the stop motion technique.

As part of a final dissertation presented within the Illustration and Animation Course, ‘Un Quore Sbagliato’ is among the five winners of the Giuseppe Laganà Awards, the prize for authors under the age of thirty awarding works from Italy that successfully combine artistic originality with potential for market placement.

Inspired by Gianni Rodari, the short film features a teacher and one of his pupils. Trying to escape the teacher's correction, the pupil plunges into his own essay, where grammatical errors become real creatures. Only at the end of the adventure will they both learn an important life lesson.

‘Un Quore Sbagliato’, produced by IED students Elena Tham Basilico, Chiara Loaicono and Nicoletta Manno, was able to impress the fourteen professional members of the Jury as it was awarded the fourth prize. This was announced by Marino Guarnieri, President of ASIFA Italia - Association of Animation Professionals -, and Anne-Sophie Vanhollebeke, President of Cartoon Italia - National Association of Producers -, during the closing ceremony of the Festival of Animated Television Cartoons on the Bay, with the following motivation:

"Gianni Rodari said that the fairy tale can provide the key to access reality in a new way. This short film, with a new approach and a great job of moderation and animation, was able to successfully interpret his words and give them substance"

To view the award-winning short film click here: Un Quore Sbagliato

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