Un look del alumnus del IED Barcelona Javier Girón (JNORIG) diseñado con Clod3D, en Eurovisión Soraya Arnelas


14 May 2024

The design was seen by an estimated audience of 180 million people worldwide

A short double-breasted woollen blazer in the colour klein with adjustable straps, tailored shoulders and twisted sleeves, combining classic tailoring with a modern design; and a versatile two-in-one crossover skort crafted in double-sided wool, with adjustable sliding belts and a tailored waistband. This is the look designed by Javier Girón, IED Barcelona Fashion Design alumnus, Founder and Creative Director of JNORIG, which was worn by the singer Soraya Arnelas, Spokesperson for Spain’s professional jury in the latest edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, held on 11 May.

Part of the SS24 collection “PROFUNDIDAD SUPERFICIAL”, it is a proposal that acts as a testament to the brand’s relentless pursuit for innovation, exploring the intersection between fashion, technology and human experience. To do this, it delves deep into dimensions that highlight digital and technological disciplines, projecting itself into the future while retaining its sophisticated, classic and avant-garde aesthetic.

Completely designed using Clod3D software — which enables each piece to be visualised and perfected before production, thus ensuring the greatest precision and innovation in each detail — the collection, explains JNORIG, “acts as a testament to our vision for the future of fashion, in which digital innovation meets artistic excellence.”

With its appearance in the Eurovision Song Contest, the look reached an extraordinary global audience, being one of the most-watched television programmes: it is followed by an average of 180 million viewers each year.

Congratulations, Javier!

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