A sustainable and personal vision from two Fashion students presented at Rec.0


19 May 2022

The designs, by students Ana Gracia Llobell and Zanetta de Souza, were exhibited in the Sustainable Fashion zone of this biannual event, which opens up the emblematic Rec neighbourhood (Igualada) to the public with a variety of fashion brands, cultural activities and music. 

Both proposals, one per collection – Going back to go forward by Ana Gracia Llobell  and Urban Jungle by Zanetta reflect the creative and aesthetic universe of each student, while sharing a common vision of sustainable practices in the design, production and consumption of fashion. 

Going back to go forward 

Ana García Llobell analyses sustainable ways of sewing, dressing, dyeing and cutting. She has developed a collection of digital prints that connect traditional and innovative handmade techniques. The use of second-hand materials and natural dyes stand out in the creation of a sustainable piece in which the leftover threads have also been used, so as not to throw anything away, as well as her application of the zero waste pattern-making technique.

Urban Jungle 

Luisa Zanetta de Souza proposes a look that is representative of the urbanisation seen in Brazilian cities, popularly known as “concrete jungles”. The pieces of the look flow through the contrast of trousers inspired by the famous Copan building, designed by Oscar Niemeyer and home to 1,600 families, with a coat and top inspired by nature, embracing the body with their organic lines.


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