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Start date

October 2024




On campus


10 Months


60 IED

Course Coordination

Cesc Grau

Take your passion for fashion and turn it into a profession, acquiring the knowledge you need to conceive, design and communicate your own creative universe.

This Master's Degree in Fashion Design at IED Barcelona gives you the tools and know-how you need for every stage of the design process, from developing the initial idea to creating your own collection. You’ll develop the communicative and strategic value of the product in the context of the brand.

Build solid foundations in the history of fashion and its context, learn the ins and outs of pattern making, printing, drawing, modelling, work on knitwear and sewing projects in experimental workshops, and master the production process. Apply the theoretical and practical fundamentals of Fashion Design; starting with an original concept, create coherent collections for a specific target.

The subjects in the syllabus are chosen to give you a comprehensive understanding of trends, economic mechanisms and communication strategies; in-depth insight into fashion that thrills, fashion for fashion lovers.

Information to decide

Take your master's degree at one of the top fashion schools in the world, and finish the program with your very own collection. 

This master's degree is a predominantly practice-based program. You’ll be actively encouraged to develop your own personal style on solid theoretical foundations as a fully autonomous professional, with a comprehensive understanding of the complex fashion system. 

In addition to the workshops in which you’ll gain practical experience, the program also includes project creation and review, visits, group work and lectures from professionals.

One of the key priorities of this master´s degree is to help each individual student express their own creative talent as a professional designer. For your final thesis you’ll face the ultimate challenge for a fashion designer: to create, produce and present your own collection, developing every stage of the creative process from the initial concept to the finished garments.

If you studied design or the fine arts and want to start working as a professional designer in the fashion industry, this is the master for you. Professionals and graduates in social sciences or other fields who want to develop their creative skills in fashion design will find the program both interesting and useful.

Taking your Master's Degree in Fashion Design at IED Barcelona opens the doors to a professional universe in continuous evolution. Fashion brands are always on the lookout for versatile professionals with creative talent and in-depth knowledge of the sector. 


Studying in Barcelona puts you right where the action is, at the very heart of European fashion design. And you’ll be studying at one of the best fashion schools in the world, as its numerous international rankings and team of lecturers, all working designers with extensive professional and academic experience, show. 

During the program you’ll collaborate with selected companies to gain direct experience on the market, and put your newfound knowledge into practice in workshops, experimenting with a range of different tools and processes.


what will you learn?

The syllabus is divided into a Specific Module and an Interdisciplinary Module. The Specific Module focuses on fashion design. The Interdisciplinary Module lays the foundations of design culture for all IED Barcelona students. You’ll finish the master's degree presenting your own fashion collection as your final project.


The History of Fashion in the 20th and 21st century

Research and Concept

Styling and Accessories

Fabrics and Materials

Creative Direction in Fashion Design

Fashion Design Project I (Men’s Collection)

Fashion Design Project II (Women’s Collection)

Fashion Design Project III (Collection Design and Coordination)

Knitwear Collection Design

Knitwear Workshop



Pattern Design

Tailoring and Dress-Making

Tutored Tailoring, Dress-Making and Illustration Workshops

Fashion Representation Techniques I (Fashion Illustration)

Fashion Representation Techniques II (Computer)


Fashion Project Communication (Portfolio)

An Introduction to Fashion Marketing and Communication

Production Management

Final Project



Cesc Grau

Course Coordinator