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Start date

October 2023




On campus


11 Months



Get the tools and know-how to develop every stage of the design process, all the way from a creative idea to the final collection.

Throughout Master in Fashion Design, students will gain insight regarding the history of fashion and its background, pattern-making, prints, drawing, experimenting in knitwear and confection workshops, modelling, and production processes. They will be learning to apply the theoretical and practical fundamentals of Fashion Design to produce coherent collections inspired by a specific concept and target.

The fashion market is a rich ecosystem where a multitude of factors coexist and interrelate. It is also linked to the historical evolution of styles, artistic movements and socio-cultural and financial changes, all of which have an inevitable impact on society.

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  • To approach the world of fashion from a professional viewpoint, from its many aspects, in order to understand the complex processes involved in any fashion collection and the production of items of clothing.
  • To acquire the essential techniques and theories needed to develop fashion projects: a knowledge of the history of fashion and its context, pattern making, fabric printing, sketching, experimentation in knitting and sewing workshops, modelling and the mastery of production processes.
  • To apply this basic, theoretical and practical knowledge of fashion design to creating coherent collections, starting from a concept and a target.
  • Students who come from similar disciplines will have the ability to use their previous knowledge and apply it to the skills and tools of the fashion industry.

The degree has a strong practical side, which intends to foster the creativity and personal style of the student, from the inception to the final product realisation. For this reason, it is divided in modules, which include a practical part with educational visits, group work and conferences by professionals, combined with the project part and work assessment. For each module there will be a test of the knowledge and skills acquired.

A key factor in the methodology of the course is for all the students to express their individual sensitivity as designers. For the Final Project of the Master, each student must create and produce his or her own fashion collection, from the concept to the finished items, including their presentation.

  • Graduates in disciplines related to design, fine arts and social sciences
  • Graduates and professionals from other fields wanting to be introduced professionally to the field of fashion design.
  • Students who have previous studies in Fashion Design are also welcome. In a personal interview, they will be informed of the projects to be undertaken and any possible “repeats” that they could find on the Master.

Professional Opportunities

On finishing the course, depending on the student’s profile and experience on entry, the possible career opportunities are:

  • Design companies and studios with multidisciplinary teams.
  • Independent designers.
  • The media.

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