12 January 2023

The extension to the family's private residence iconic Made in Italy location where Emilio Pucci opened his workshops and tailor's shops

The Istituto Europeo di Design continues with its development plan and has chosen Palazzo Pucci N6 for the expansion of the IED Firenze premises.

The Palazzo is an integral part of the city's history and a symbol in the world of Italian fashion excellence. It was here in 1947 that Marquis Emilio Pucci decided to establish his headquarters with the workshops and tailor's shops to create his brand. Palazzo Pucci, the family's private residence since the 15th century, is now the headquarters of the Emilio Pucci Heritage Hub, a universe of passion, creativity, tradition and innovation, and Italian spirit.

“Our main focus is on Italian students in order to provide them with the tools they will need to pursue a successful future. However, at the same time, we strive to increase the number of international students, who have been four times as numerous in Florence in recent years. IED wants to intercept the growing number of students coming to study in Europe from Asia and the Americas”, says Francesco Gori, CEO of the IED Group.

The primary objective of the IED Group remains to continue to meet the increasingly demanding expectations of Italian students and to create new conditions to accommodate significant international flows. Florence is an open-air museum, a city where the crossover between art and fashion is ever more alive, and beingable to carry out part of one's training in a historical palace, still inhabited by the Pucci family, offers a unique perspective. It provides the opportunity to observe the past in order to design the future, in a society that sets no limits. Today's students are citizens of the contemporary era and their choices anticipate the direction that will lead to social changes and urban evolution.

“We are happy to welcome IED students to Palazzo Pucci N6 in the very rooms that once housed the company that my father founded. In fact, I believe that these spaces have an intrinsic value as he himself used to say “you can only create something beautiful in here”, says Laudomia Pucci, President of Emilio Pucci Heritage.

“The architectural beauty of Palazzo Pucci is obvious, but this palace in the heart of Florence is also a historical and cult location for Italian and international fashion. Studying fashion design in the very place where Emilio Pucci created his garments will be very exciting for our students. Fashion, like education, needs to rediscover its experiential component and once again thrill”, adds Danilo Venturi, Director of IED Firenze.

In March 2023, the new IED Firenze spaces will be inaugurated here on the first floor, allowing young designers to study and design in classrooms and laboratories that embody history and cultural heritage, Made in Italy, creativity and craftsmanship. 

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