14 October 2022

First place went to the start-up Swarmix (by Edoardo Amato, Enrico Canella and Giacomo Pizzoni), focusing on the preservation and repopulation of bees. Third place went to Alessandro Ingravalle, with his e-bike service Iedex.

More than one hundred projects competed in the five categories - Travelling, Living, Working, Leisure, Musical Instruments - for the Rodolfo Bonetto 2022 Award Plaque. This competition - which was sponsored by the Lombardy Regional Government and patronised by ADI and the ‘Fondazione ADI Collezione Compasso d'Oro’ - is open to all students attending design schools, as a way to encourage freedom of unconventional expression, based on the work by Rodolfo Bonetto.

This prize, now into its 25th year, is awarded to projects that have originality in terms of their intended use, with no limits set to the design language of the project itself. The Jury - headed by Marco Bonetto, with writer Decio Carugati as Vice-President - awarded the First Prize to Swarmix, by Edoardo Amato, Enrico Canella and Giacomo Pizzoni from IED Milano.

This is an innovative start-up project, based around the idea of preserving and repopulating bees by actually adopting one or more hives. With a special beehive made of natural material and a special app, the user can monitor the activity of bees in real time (via sensors and cameras), as they are permanently cared for by an expert bee-keeper.

Merit was also awarded to the Product Designers of IED Milano with the third place winner, the Iedex project by Alessandro Ingravalle: a leasing service (developed to be produced by IED itself) offering a tourist exploration experience in the city, on board an electric bike equipped with bags and a GPS with suggested routes, to rediscover rarely-known places or attractions in the surrounding areas of Milan.

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