13 September 2018

Cross Cultural Chairs by Matteo Guarnaccia is a project that blends anthropology with design

Cross Cultural Chairs is a project by former product design student Matteo Guarnaccia from IED Barcelona. The idea behind the project was to research social and cultural differences based on chairs, in a project that blends anthropology with design and draws on the importance of seating and ways of sitting according to different cultures.

The research project traces a journey to discover eight of the world’s peoples (China, India, Nigeria, Mexico, Japan, Russia, Brazil, and Indonesia), building a triangular collaboration between local design, craft furniture makers, and CCC.

Based on his understanding of the cultural context, the production process and the use of locally-sourced materials, this designer made a chair in each country together with a local studio, creating a portfolio of eight chairs as part of his final work. He will also produced a book explaining all his journey in collaboration with Studio Albert Romagosa.

The project was launched on 20 September at 6.30 pm at Arts Santa Mónica, along with a crowdfunding campaign backed by the support of IED.


You can see the final result of this project here

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