22 January 2021

The project has been exhibited at Milano Design Week, Dutch Design Week, and Barcelona’s Museum of Design.

Cross Cultural Chairs is a project by former product design student Matteo Guarnaccia from IED Barcelona. The idea behind the project was to research social and cultural differences based on chairs, in a project that blends anthropology with design and draws on the importance of seating and ways of sitting according to different cultures.

The research project traces a journey to discover eight of the world’s peoples (China, India, Nigeria, Mexico, Japan, Russia, Brazil, and Indonesia), building a triangular collaboration between local design, craft furniture makers, and CCC.

Based on his understanding of the cultural context, the production process, and the use of locally-sourced materials, this designer made a chair in each country together with a local studio, creating a portfolio of eight chairs as part of his final work. He also produced a book explaining his journey in collaboration with Studio Albert Romagosa.

The project had the support of IED and it has been exhibited at Milano Design Week 2021, Dutch Design Week 2020, and Barcelona’s Museum of Design.

Pics by Michele Foti and Matteo Guarnaccia.

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