D&AD 2022, premiata a Londra la creatività IED Milano con tre Pencil


19 July 2022

With the awards earned for the campaigns created as part of both the Undergraduate Programme in Communication Design and the Postgraduate Art Direction Lab, IED is still the most awarded Italian creative school internationally in the area of Communication, also ranking among the top ones in the world.

Literary characters as present-day influencers, old cell phones brought back to life as urban assets for public use, and the revival of a card game as a non-fungible token. IED Milano again stands out at the international advertising creativity contest D&AD Awards, where the Jury awarded the submitted campaigns a total of three Pencils in the New Blood category, which is specifically designed for young people from universities and academies from around the world.

The Yellow Pencil went to the ‘Out Of Home’ campaign project titled Back to the city, based on a brief from the phone company GiffGaff, which was developed by a group of students of the Art Direction Lab Postgraduate Programme - among them Mattia Gosetti, Lorenzo Lodi, Riccardo Palmieri, Patrizio Ranzani and Maria Assunta Zangone. 'Electronic components on this bus come from your old cell phone': the group worked on the power of community to serve the common good, envisioning a 'return' for customers far more valuable than the typical refund or cash back in phone charges, with a campaign to collect the basic components of cell phones useful for repairing public use assets that are easily recognisable in the city of London. From phone booths to means of transportation, this idea creates a virtuous circle that can generate huge hype in terms of communication. This campaign was developed under the supervision of Luca Riva. 

On the other hand, Giuseppe Caputo, Giorgia Covezzi, Andrea Pesare, Adriana Tria and Marta Venturini - all of them fellow students in the same course - were awarded a Wood Pencil with their digital project The Eternal Influencers based on a brief from Penguin Books publishing house: while reading is increasingly going downhill, nothing can be more powerful than going social with five characters from literary classics becoming influencers in disguise, only to reveal - once they go viral - their true identities and spark the trend of conversation on the topic.

Wood Pencil also for a group of students from the Undergraduate Programme in Communication Design, who instead worked on briefs of Top Trumps, a popular card game that originated in the U.S. in the late 1970s, with a view to making it a status symbol among young people aged 18 to 25. The NFTT – Non Fungible Top Trumps project (pictured) seeks to transform the Metaverse into a virtual arena where tournaments of the game can be held, with three decks of cards becoming real NFT artworks - based on cooperation with three well-known NFT artists - thus digitising and revitalising a game which used to be quite popular among elder generations. This project was developed by Paola Perego, Giorgio Monti, Cristina Molinari, Anna Marsoni and Martina Paris, all of them working under the supervision of tutors Frank Garcia and Giulia Magaldi.

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