31 March 2023

The exhibition, which was launched on 29 March in a vernissage open to the press, invited guests and students, brings to life IED Barcelona’s global, human, strategic and transformative vision of design throughout its 20-year history

A video in which several students explain why, faced with the challenges of humanity, design is always the answer, and a selection of projects by students that remind us of the power of this discipline as an agent of change in the face of the great challenges of contemporary society. These are the pillars on which “IED Barcelona Manifesto”, an exhibition curated by the Istituto Europeo di Design’s Barcelona School, has been built, which can be visited at Disseny Hub Barcelona until 30 April. A vernissage for the exhibition open to the press, invited guests and students took place on 29 March.

A journey through the exhibition

The visit begins with the video manifesto of IED Barcelona students, in which they refer to design as a challenge, an opportunity, emotion, tradition, community, innovation and purpose, among others. The students’ intervention ends by pledging to contribute to building a better world through this discipline.

A global, human, strategic and transformative vision of what it means to design that can also be seen in the selection of projects on display. From various specialties, such as strategic design, fashion design, product design, graphic design and interior design, the works aim to intervene positively in the environment by combining a unique language, common tools, processes and methodologies, with their individual creative universes.

Thus, grouped under seven key concepts (Inclusivity, Evolution, Social Impact, The Planet, Empathy, Strategy and Human Approach), we see ideas that range from the library of the future, conceived as a temple of physical and digital information, to paper created from agricultural waste, and a visual identity for a classical music festival that draws on the Palau de la Música’s graphic heritage, giving it a touch of modernity. Also on display are an installation that urges the spectator to rethink the impact of immersive technologies and avatars, a publication on the perception of the five senses with the body as the key theme, and a men’s fashion collection created using artisanal manufacturing processes.

The exhibition also showcases an alternative maritime transport service project devised for the Port of Barcelona, which aims to reduce embarkation and disembarkation times, as well as offer an element of connection between the port and the city.

In short, it is a show that invites us to reflect on the way we live and relate to the planet through design.


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