17 February 2023

10 suggestions encapsulated in a manifesto designed by students for the entire IED community. Small actions and virtuous behaviour that are ironically transformed into everyday good practice.

For months, the topic of energy savings linked to rising consumer prices has been on everyone's lips. But at IED, environmental sustainability, such as the fight against climate change and careful use of resources, has always been part of the mission of the transversal working groups made up of students, lecturers and technical staff.

We make our commitment tangible through initiatives aimed at promoting a culture of environmental responsibility and by teaching our students to design consciously. Today, however, current events require us to be more careful with our habitual behaviour, because even small everyday actions can have a big impact on the planet.

That is why we invited a team of 15 Green Ambassadors, young students who won the Green Your Future Award contest, to work on the topic of rationalising energy consumption with the approach and sensitivity typical of the younger generations. Coordinated by Diego Fontana, IED lecturer and communication expert, they asked themselves: how can we act to make our footprint on Earth as light as possible? With irony and by fighting laziness!

The best of the 5 proposals is described in the energy-saving manifesto “FIGHT THE LAZINESS, 10 good ideas for the environment”, distributed in all the centres from 18 February, International Energy Saving Day.

Alongside the commitment of the entire community to adopt virtuous behaviour to lighten our footprint on the Earth, IED is constantly striving:

·        in the upgrading of air-conditioning systems, implementing remote control and regulation systems;

·        in the installation of electricity consumption monitoring systems;

·        in the efficiency enhancement of artificial lighting by switching from incandescent to LED lights;

·        annual and biannual modernisation of all hardware in the laboratories (computers, printers, projection systems);

·        in the installation of motion sensors to optimise the switching on and off of the lighting system. 

In addition, since 2018 it has been purchasing 100% green certified energy.

Green Aambassador IED

IED Green Ambassador (in alphabetical order) - Ilaria Angiulli, Marko Antov, Avelon Bardhi, Alessia Barreca, Sofia De Cupertinis, Alessandra Francese, Maria Laura Geti, Gaia Ghidoni, Nicholas Ielpo, Carlo Alessandro Meda, Linda Montanucci, Francesco Poletto, Martina Turrini, Francesco Valeau, Chiara Venditti.

Download HERE Fight the Laziness Manifesto

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