31 August 2020

“I like the idea of ​​studying an object with "designer eyes" and then photograph it”.

Gaia Anselmi Tamburini, Product Design Alumna from IED Milano, is a photographer and content creator. She lives in Milan, where she works in various sectors, but mainly deals with still life of designer products.

How did she transformed her path in product design as a visual communicator through photography?

I like to think of each photographs as a project that must be developed in its entirety: from the research phase, to the definition of the concept, up to the shot”, explains.

“But for years I have considered photography a passion that had to remain such. Then, during the Product Design course at IED, I realised that the most essential moment of every project (and my favorite part) was the communication of the project, the storytelling and the image that came out of it”.

If you want to know more about Gaia Anselmi’s professional journey, read her interview here.


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