01 June 2023

In a few years’ time, wearing colour effects in the hair, such as prints, will be the norm

Alexis Ferrer, Hair Stylist and creator of an innovative technique for printing photographs on hair — one of the top 10 hairdressers in the world — was the guest opinion leader for the second session of Mastering your Brain, a programme of academic encounters between the IED Barcelona community and design sector leaders.

The meeting, which took place in the Open Space at Point One on 31 May, enabled participants to discover the possibilities of hairdressing as a "decorative art”, with the aim of recounting stories and inspiring us.

From embroidery with natural hair to headdresses made by way of 3D printing, via black and white photographic printing on hair and high-definition digital printing with a wide colour palette, Ferrer opened up about his impressive career during the meeting, and also revealed his challenges for the future. These involve “achieving printing on hair that can move freely so the design can come back to its original form without having to be static, as it is now”.

And for this stylist that has been a member of “Wella Global Creative Artists” since 2012, in a few years’ time, wearing colour effects in the hair, such as prints, will be the norm. Photographic printing machines in the form of rollers that will be able to iron on images vertically will form part of the tools in hairdressing salons, and it will be possible to create three-dimensional images on curly hair as well as to control the colour of the dye with a single application.

Ferrer is currently exhibiting several pieces of his revolutionary creative work in the Musée des Arts Décoratifs [Museum of Decorative Arts] in Paris as part of the exhibition “Des cheveux et des poils” [“Hair & Hairs”].

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