09 November 2023

A meeting to raise awareness about the need for design and consumption in the textile sector based on critical thinking

In a world dominated by fast fashion, how can we break the cycle of disposable fashion and encourage the purchase of sustainable clothing in an information-saturated consumer? This was the core question that structured “Raising collective awareness”, the first discussion organised in Europe by IED Barcelona’s business division and Universo MOLA – a Latin American sustainable fashion movement – focused on the need to promote ethical design and consumption in the textile sector.

The event took place on 7 November at the Point One premises of the IED Barcelona school with a panel of experts formed by Valentina Suárez, co-founder and managing director of Universo MOLA; Gabriela Pedranti, member of the Barcelona Sustainable Fashion Association, and Pablo Erroz, creative director of the eponymous brand and coordinator of the Master in Men’s Fashion Design at IED Barcelona. The discussion suggested various lines of action that sustainable brands can put in place to instil a critical outlook and responsible behaviour among consumers.

Among other things, the experts pointed out the following:

• Restore an inspirational narrative to fashion so that garments can once again connect with the emotional, with what has been experienced, thereby reassessing second-hand clothes and breaking with the notion that they are disposable. Return to the idea that “that pair of pants” or “that jacket” is special.

• Use the same tools that fast fashion uses to convey the message that sustainable fashion is not expensive; it is fair. There are people and processes behind it that entail a cost.

• Avoid storytelling and focus on storydoing in order to differentiate our brand from the noise produced by greenwashing. To do this, you need to have your own discourse based on traceability, honesty and transparency.

• And, of course, encourage reflection before consumption. Do I really need it? If yes, promote a “good” choice by opting for quality over quantity.

The event was emceed by Marina Vergés, journalist and founder of the inclusive fashion brand Free From Style, and also included the participation of Doris Helena Rojas, general director of the Entre Soles y Lunas Foundation.


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