06 September 2022

“I choose IED because you can talk about real working experience"

Asli Dalaman has started her professional life studying music and playing the cello in Turkey, then she has moved to Bologna where she has graduated in Drama, Art and Music. Eventually, she has continued her studies with a Master course in IED from which she graduated in 2018. 

“I choose IED” she affirms “because, first of all, I liked that I could have classes with people belonging to the business world as professors, because you can talk about real working experience. For this same reason, we met dozens of people and we definitely had the chance to make networking. Secondly, living in Venice was a great experience. We were always surrounded by art, therefore we visited many expositions, with the school and by ourselves. The fact that the projects we took part in were real made us experience real life difficulties”.

Asli’s advice as an alumnus is to keep looking for what you love. “If you’re a creative person and an explorer” she says “you can do everything and find your way”. 

At the moment, she is working as Stage Inspector at the famous milanese theatre La Scala. Moreover, she is designing new cultural projects that hopefully will become soon festivals or exhibitions.

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