09 June 2023

Monograph, the series of talks featuring professionals and key figures from the creative industry. The first appointment with Danielle Kwateng

Behind every successful brand there is a team of creative professionals working tirelessly to shape its image and message.

One of the key roles in this process is that of the Creative Director, a figure who guides and oversees the entire creative process.

Danielle Kwateng, journalist, editor, and Executive Editor of Teen Vogue, will present a live guest lecture on Wednesday, June 14th, titled "What is Creative Direction?" dedicated to students of the Fashion courses at IED Firenze.

Danielle, the mentor of the Master's program in Creative Direction for Fashion, is a prominent figure in the fashion industry with extensive experience and a unique vision of creativity.

During the guest lecture, several key topics will be addressed to understand the role of the Creative Director in the world of fashion.

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