14 May 2024

Monograph, the series of talks with professionals and key figures in the creative industry. New appointment with Filippo Ricci.

The Monograph series continues with the key figures in the creative industry. In the latest appointment, we had the extraordinary opportunity to meet Filippo Ricci, Creative Director of Stefano Ricci, who shared with the students the brand's core values, from promoting the excellence of Italian fashion globally to preserving the cultural heritage of Florence, highlighting the intrinsic link between the brand and the city.

Filippo's mission focused on developing the brand not just as a fashion house, but as a lifestyle, expanding the customer experience beyond the product itself. This approach reflects a commitment to a holistic vision of luxury, embracing not only the aesthetics and quality of products, but also the cultural and historical values that define their context. The meeting offered the students of the Fashion courses a unique opportunity to gain a first-hand understanding of the combination of creativity, tradition and innovation that characterises the Italian fashion industry.

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