La exposición “Latam Creative Talent” del IED abre sus puertas dentro de la "Fiesta Design" del MDF


15 February 2023

Istituto Europeo di Design, in collaboration with Latin American organisations, presents a compilation of works by emerging Latin American designers under the values of the New European Bauhaus

Latin American talent, creativity and innovation land at Madrid Design Festival showing its most transformative character. All this is on display from today until 26th of February in the exhibition “IED Latam Creative Talent” within Fiesta Design hosted by the Institución Libre de Enseñanza (ILE).

United by the same language and a common passion, Istituto Europeo di Design has created this initiative - of which it is the curator - with the aim of recognising Latin American talent and showcasing the best projects in the area of Creative Industries. In order to carry out this proposal, close relations have been forged with Latin American organisations: the Lima Design Week and Chio Lecca Fashion School in Perú, the Mario Hernández Award in Colombia, and in México the Mexico Design Week, Design Week Puebla and Querétaro Design Week.

In addition, these projects will be shown together with a selection of proposals made by Latin American IED students who have developed their talent in the Spanish branches.The pieces that have been created by students of IED Madrid are "Döt" by Daniel Grisel Beizaga, "Hybrid Love" by Josefina Maiza and "RegenerativeLab" by Anthuanet Falcon. From IED Barcelona comes the proposals "Guatemala" by Sofía Novales, "Transrace" by Ivana Mulanovich, "Cupra Barkeno" by Joaquin Peiró and "0° Lat" by Sara Rekalde. Lastly "Las Manuelas Art Series" by Las Manuelas collective, who come from IED Centro Ricerche.

Within the framework of the New European Bauhaus, the selection of the projects was carried out with a view to its three main values: sustainability, inclusiveness and beauty


This is the first stop of an initiative that will not only stay in Madrid but will continue travelling to different Spanish cities in the upcoming months, in order to give voice to and promote Latin American talent and share a unique, global and transformative vision of design.

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