20 November 2023

Flood emergency in Tuscany: our help is urgently needed

Following the recent floods that have affected Tuscany, IED has decided to donate to Croce Rossa Italiana - Comitato di Firenze, inviting its entire community to participate by contributing.

Moreover, IED Firenze staff will take time off from work to assist in restoration activities during the flood aftermath.

This initiative demonstrates the strong bond between IED Firenze and the Tuscan community, emphasizing the willingness of their community to embody the values of corporate social responsibility.

We believe that through these actions, an example can be set for how institutions and communities can come together in difficult times, showing that solidarity is essential for facing challenges and building a more resilient future together.

Croce Rossa Italiana - Comitato di Firenze - Emergenza Toscana

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