25 November 2022

On December 3rd, the Galleria Nazionale welcomes an event that celebrates our differences and multicultural education. Panels, visual experiences and networking event all produced by the students of the Master in Arts Management

Saturday the 3rd of December, the National Gallery of Rome welcomes "In the between: collective discussion on Creolisation", the final work of the Master in Arts Management dedicated to the theme of creolisation, understood as the annulment of boundaries - physical and theoretical - which permeate the world of art and reaches different spheres of human reality.

 Creolisation, a phenomenon of hybridization of languages ​​and cultures, is used today to celebrate the multiplicity, the many ways of being, the differences that make up our world.  The event, aimed at students, art lovers and industry professionals, is the result of the work of sixteen art managers from all over the world who have treasured their different backgrounds to create a bond that explores the intersection between cultures and creativity through three formats: the panel, the visual experience and networking.

 "In the between" therefore wants to be a fluid manifesto that celebrates complexity, and an opportunity to trigger connections and foster collaborations.  The program is from 3 to 8 pm at the Galleria Nazionale of Rome, with free admission with registration.

 Find out the details of the event and register here: LINK

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