Light Shelters


25 October 2021

IED participates in the Dubai Design Week 2021 with a physical exhibition “Light Shelters”, displaying 2 projects by IED Alumni. From November 8th to 12th.

Global isolation has certainly altered many things at all levels.

An unprecedented change, which most important aspect has been the change in ourselves. It is hard to say how many words have been spent to describe the period that has seen much of the world confronted with the pandemic. And many other words have been used to try to understand the future and whether a new world awaits us tomorrow.

Among such words IED chose:

“sustainability”, “lightness” ,“fragility”

The first is now fundamental because it should no longer be a trend but must become a positive attitude in every aspect of society and industry.

The second is a necessity. We all need to get rid of tensions and fears accumulated over the months.

The third comes from the observation of our daily life, we now oscillate between a sense of fragility and a desire for freedom.

The three concepts, after in-depth analysis and research, have found a form and dimension in “Light Shelters” , the exhibition displaying 2 projects by IED Alumni at Dubai Design Week 2021, taking place from November 8th to 12th .

HATCH by Yellowdot Design choose the light and fragility of an egg shell.It is a ceiling pendant light created from eggshells collected from three weeks of egg consumption. The extremely thin eggshell diffuser is arranged carefully by hand and bonded with bio-based resin. Assembled with a craftsman's attitude, it becomes a new material for creating luminous effects.

ASSEMBLAGE 2.0 by Andra Handric takes us into the world of fashion and textile design. An installation that highlights the protection-fragility binomial of this moment to make us reflect on ourselves as well.

“The cloth is a shelter, a protective layer under which mystery regains value through countless ways of interaction with the wearer. We are seeking to challenge the boundaries between the piece of clothing as a disposable object and a piece of art”.

IED Istituto Europeo di Design has always believed in young talents and its objective is to support and follow them in their design process. The two selected projects are a perfect balance of passion, creativity and protection of an ecosystem. Knowledge of new materials, upcycling and decluttering enter into our future because it is our duty to give a future to the next generations.

LIGHT SHELTERS will be open to the public at Dubai Design District d3, pavilion 3, R02 - from 8th to 12th November 2021, come visit us and meet the designers!

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