18 May 2022

This will be a series of meetings and interviews to tell what happens after graduating from a master's degree.

Master Tales, a project launched by IED Milan’s Postgraduate School, is a series of conferences dedicated to master’s students through which alumni (who graduated in previous years) talk about their professional career, giving practical advice on how to take the first steps in the professional world, as well as provide stimuli on new, little-known fields of work that may inspire students.

The format is inspired by Enzo Mari’s “Il gioco delle favole” (The fairy tale game), a product designed for children. This is not a book to leaf through but a set of cards to compose, break down and build. “Il gioco delle favole”, made up by interlocking boards, allow users to create an adventure game with inexhaustible creative possibilities.

During Master Tales, the boards will be made up by the professional ideas that the Alumni will provide to the class. Therefore, the students will be able to build their own Tales by joining the boards into an “architectural canvas” on which to design their future. This enables to create a range of rich as well as diverse paths that sometimes intertwine and create unique stories, that we hope will be of help to those who are looking for their own educational and professional career. 

Here are all the interviews:

Master Tales #1 – Gozde Gulsoy – Alumna Event Management Master Course
Master Tales #2 – Valentina Trevisanello – Alumna Creative Direction Master Course
Master Tales #3 – Megrianne Vallejo – Alumna Graphic Design Master Course
Master Tales #4 – Roberta Di Ponzio – Alumna Brand Management and Communication Master Course
Master Tales #5 – Elisa Milanesio – Alumna Design Animation Master Course
Master Tales #6 – Marta Valpiana – Alumna Visual Arts for the Digital Age Master Course
Master Tales #7 – Silvia Rizzi – Alumna Digital Communication Strategy Master Course

Master Tales #8 – Martina Sorghi – Alumna Fashion Design Master Course
Master Tales #9 – Roberta Bigoni – Alumna Fashion Marketing Master Course
Master Tales #10 – Tatevik Avetisyan – Alumna Fashion Communication and Styling Master Course
Master Tales #11 – Lidia Grits – Alumna Design – Innovation, Strategy and Product Master Course
Master Tales #12 – Jimena Ranero – Alumna Interior Design Master Course
Master Tales #13 – Ricardo Ramos – Alumnus Brand Management and Communication Master Course

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