Menzione d’onore per il Design Sostenibile a tre studenti di Product


24 June 2022

Valentino Bosetti, Francesco Magenta and Gaia Zarantonello (IED Milano) are the authors of the 'Vertical' project, awarded at Cumulus Green.

An innovative design system that allows the easy production of food starting from plants, without any additional effort on the part of the user as a result of hydroponic technology

This is just the successful idea that has brought Valentino Bosetti, Francesco Magenta and Gaia Zarantonello (second year students of Product Design at IED Milano) to the top at Cumulus Green 2022: Nurturing Our Planet, a student competition taking place every two years and promoted by Cumulus, Global Association of Art and Design Education and Research.

The project developed by IED students (video explanation here) was a full response to the issues raised by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), that is, Zero Hunger.

Awarding the merit mention and other prizes was an international Jury from both academia and the industry, with experts in sustainable and critical food design, food philosophy, regenerative agriculture, and global food systems. Along with co-chairs Allard and Pikkov, the Jury was represented by Rahul Bhattacharya, Erik Ciravegna, Dolly Daou, Lynda Deakin, Daniel Grushkin, Philipp Heidkamp, Soojin Jun, Silvana Juri, Anna Meroni, Pedro Reissig, Vishnu Swaminathan, John Thackara, Xiao Yong, and Francesca Zampollo.

The projects submitted were assessed in terms of their overall desirability/feasibility, with a focus on the rigorous research process behind them and the level of innovation, rewarding the quality and diversity of the different submissions.

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