19 June 2020

At IED, I was able to develop my creativity

Oscar Pozuelos is a Strategic Designer that believes creativity thrives innovation. With more than nine years of international experience, ha has worked in all kinds of environments, from institutions and large corporations to small studios and consultancies in both private and public sectors.

He studied at IED Madrid and IED Milano: “I chose IED because it was a vibrant community of passionate people. IED gave me access to that. I was able to develop my creativity and apply it in so many different topics that I would not be where I am if I had not gone through the IED (I started in Graphic Design and did the Master in Design for Social Business D4SB)”.

“Receiving my master's diploma from Prof. Muhammad Yunus (Nobel Peace Price 2005) and presenting the thesis project to him knowing he had endorsed the whole program is something that I always carry with me and in difficult times makes me remember my purpose and how design has allowed me to have a positive impact with what I do” explains at the interview he gave to IED Alumni.

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