14 September 2022

A Ministerial Decree has published the modalities for applying the provisions of the new law.

The possibility of simultaneous registration to two higher education courses has been introduced in Italy.

According to the recent legislation, this is effective from the academic year 22/23:

•             simultaneous registration to two first- or second-level academic diploma or Master’s Degree courses is permitted, including at several institutions of Higher Artistic, Musical and Choreographic Education (AFAM), provided that the courses differ in terms of academic formative credits for at least two-thirds of their educational activities.

•             simultaneous registration to an academic diploma course and a postgraduate or Master’s Degree course or PhD or specialisation course is permitted.  Simultaneous registration, at AFAM institutions, to a PhD or postgraduate or Master’s Degree  Course and to a specialisation course is also possible.

Simultaneous registration is possible at Italian and foreign institutions, including for accredited courses.

The requirement to possess the qualifications required by the legislation for registration to the individual courses remains in place.

For further details, please refer to Official Gazette No. 98 of 28 April 2022 and to Ministerial Decree No. 933 of 02 August 2022, which regulates the implementation of the legislation.

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