07 September 2021

For the fourth year, IED is participating in the Global Goals Jam, which will take place in both Milan and Rome following the pandemic period. It will be a research and design journey around Transformative Resilience, the theme chosen by the Research Centre.

The theme (on which the Jammers of Milan and Rome will be asked to reflect in the next edition of the GGJ) decided by the IED Research Centre, will be Transformative Resilience. This involves the ability to react to a shock or a moment of crisis, and actively adapt to reality, implementing a transformation and designing future scenarios.    

They will address this through SDG 12 and, specifically, Target 8 (by 2030: ensuring that people all over the world have the relevant information and awareness about sustainable development as well as lifestyles in harmony with nature), considered in their relationship with the other SDGs. The perimeter within which they will operate will be the city, considered from the territorial plans of Milan and Rome, and its relationship with those who live, visit and experience it.

The questions (formulated with the aim of bringing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into the concrete reality) known and shared by the participants in the Jam, will concern aspects such as the “renaturalisation” of the city. That is imagining new green spaces and different ways of enjoying urban nature – or the very concept of waste – given that the boundary between real and virtual has now been crossed and digital pollution has become an issue that cannot be underestimated. These are just a few examples from which to generate possible solutions, in line with the philosophy of JAM and sustainable development. In fact, starting from local problems it is possible to create projects and solutions that, when networked, can also have an impact at global level! 

GLOBAL Goals JAM Milan and Rome
16, 17, 18 September 2021
9 am – 6 pm via Alcamo, 11-Roma; via Piranesi, 10 Milano

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