16 September 2021

IED Spain joins S4 Fashion to find new sustainable and circular ways for fashion along with ECHN, ZIPHOUSE, Envolve Entrepreneurship and DataScouts.

S4Fashion is a project co-funded by the COSME Programme of the European Union empowering designers, start-ups, scale-ups and businesses identified as small and medium-sizes enterprises to introduce new sustainable and circular economy solutions for the fashion industry. The project aims to identify and amplify the best and up-to-date practices for a greener fashion sector and partners with IED in Spain for its commitment, expertise and vision. 

In May 2021, S4Fashion launched an open call for SMEs to form transnational teams, from at least two European countries, and collaborate for the creation of sustainability solutions, practices, and business models for the fashion sector. 

Selected pilot projects benefited from a bespoke support programme including mentoring, networking opportunities, and financial support.

The project brings together a consortium with partners coming from different fields, expertise and locations such as the creative hubs ecosystem (ECHN, Greece); creative and knowledge hubs for the fashion industry (IED Spain and ZIPHOUSE, Moldova); expertise in support for start-ups and businesses (Envolve Entrepreneurship Greece) and a data-driven business development company (DataScouts, Belgium). 

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