08 May 2024

In Florence, a talk on circularity with Marlene Woolford, David Shah and Vittorio Giomo.

What if we could apply design methodologies such as circular practices to society at large?
Are there positive spill-overs possible beween an industry and its territory?


In the context of Design X Commons we invited our students to a conversation on the circular practices of the textile industry and their possible application to other sectors of societey.


The speakers:

Marlena Woolford 

Marlena Woolford is a Fashion and trends journalist and lecturer. She lives in London but travels widely collecting inspirations for varied fashion articles. She used to work alongside multidisciplinary fashion and retail specialists including marketing directors, PR experts, fashion event organizers and designers.
Marlena previously spent more than 4 years at WGSN where she worked with some of the leading fashion and style companies to assist their understanding, interpretation and analysis of global trend information. She left her position as WGSN’s Regional Manager for Central and Eastern Europe in 2010 to create her own company.
Marlena has both academic and considerable practical knowledge across many aspects of the fashion industry. Her particular areas of expertise include trend forecasting and analysis, fashion marketing and business development. She has delivered presentations, workshops and bespoke material on a range of fashion related topics, her audience including CEOs, designers, creative directors, visual merchandisers, product and brand managers, marketing and advertising specialists, buyers, sales managers and many others.

David Shah

David Shah is editorial director of Metropolitan Publishing BV in Amsterdam (Textile View, View2, Viewpoint, PantoneView Color Planner, Textile View VIFF China).
He works as a design and marketing consultant for the most well-known companies involved in the fashion, automotive, aerospace and pharmaceutical sectors. He is known for his speeches around the world on topics such as social and design trends. Formerly a professor at the Royal College of Arts in London, he teaches at ArTEZ in Arnhem, the Netherlands, where he is responsible for the course on branding and marketing and is an associate professor at Renmin University in Beijing.


Vittorio Giomo

Vittorio Giomo has been involved in fashion for over forty years and has specialized as an advisor in textile design, color forecasting, sustainable textiles.
He has acquired important experience in the design of fabric collections for Italian and international groups, in collaborations with publishers at an international level, in trend and color forecasting. He is an advisor in textile sustainability. He designed textile collections, from the source material to the final product, to which is added the color trend forecast and the update on the meaning of textile sustainability. He offers indications of seasonal trends, development of fabrics and training on colour, its implications in fashion, product design and methods of predicting color trends. Finally, he is an expert in Sustainability in textiles and fashion.

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