17 November 2023

Under the New European Bauhaus perspective, IED showcased Latin American talent in the most important design capitals in Spain during their Design Weeks

The exhibition LATAM Creative Talent, driven by IED, was born from the desire to recognise Latin American talent and use creativity as a common language to generate wealth and contribute to competitiveness and social impact. In this way, it showcases the links generated between both territories, enabling design to cross oceans and borders and arrive at Europe’s doorstep.

The first exhibition took place during Madrid Design Festival at Fiesta ILE, while a months later travelled to IED Barcelona school during the Barcelona Design Week and ended up his journey at IED Kunsthal during the Bilbao Bizkaia Design Week.

The result is an itinerary exhibition with projects created by Latin American designers that have already been recognized and awarded at their countries; ideas that respond to today’s challenges. The exhibition contributes its vision and highlights the global value of design as an indispensable driving force for change under a creative, committed and innovative perspective.

Within the framework of the New European Bauhaus, the exhibition captures a representation of projects selected according to its three main pillars: beauty, inclusion and sustainability. Therefore, in this exhibition we can see represented ideas that propose conscious and responsible solutions for our environment, initiatives that seek to create community and improve social welfare, and design objects made using artisanal techniques with a high aesthetic value.

The selection includes partners such as Mexico Design Week, Lima Design Week in Peru, the Mario Hernández Award in Colombia, Design Week Puebla in Mexico, Querétaro Design Week in Mexico, and the Chio Lecca Fashion School in Peru. It also features a selection of proposals created by IED students from Latin America who have developed their talents in the institution’s Spanish schools.

"Latin America's special ties with Spain make it necessary to strengthen the links between the two territories even more, so that design can cross oceans and borders and reach Europe's doorstep," say the organisers of IED show. In addition, they point out, "at IED we seek creative talent, also in Latin America. We permanently receive students from Latin America in all our centres, who bring their culture, their talent and their way of living design to our classrooms".


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