The jobs of the future: what to study today to be in demand tomorrow


29 November 2023

The labour market has been experiencing significant changes in recent years, primarily influenced by the rapid evolution of technology and the increasing digitisation of different sectors.

This transformation is shaping the jobs of the near future, requiring a fresh perspective and profound reflection on the essential skills needed to face tomorrow's professional challenges.

An overview

Predicting with certainty which jobs will be in high demand is a daunting challenge. However, by analysing current market trends, it is possible to identify some of the most promising professions that will play a crucial role:

1.       Digital Marketing Specialist

With the pervasive influence of the online sphere in all aspects of life - both private and professional - the digital marketing specialist takes on a central role. The ability to devise targeted marketing strategies, employ digital tools, and analyse online data is essential for excelling in this dynamic and ever-evolving field.

2.       User Experience (UX) and Interaction (UI) Designer

User experience and interaction design are indispensable pillars for the success of any digital product. Professionals in this field shape the visual appearance and usability of websites, apps, and digital services, creating engaging and intuitive user experiences.

3.       Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Game Developer

With the continuous advancement of immersive technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, the demand for developers capable of creating immersive and original experiences is constantly growing. These professionals are at the heart of the evolution of video games and interactive applications.

4.       Sustainable Interior Designer

The growing interest in sustainable design fuels the demand for professionals capable of creating interior environments that are not only environmentally friendly but also aesthetically appealing. The sustainable interior designer is crucial in harmonising form with environmental responsibility.

5.       Smart Product Designer (IoT)

As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes increasingly popular, smart product designers are called upon to conceive connected objects with innovative features. These professionals are leading the evolution towards a world where connectivity and embedded intelligence define the modernity and practicality of everyday objects.

The importance of adaptability in the world of work

At a time when technology is taking off at a dizzying pace, adaptability is a critical competence in the world of work. Professions evolve rapidly, and the ability to learn new skills and adapt to change has become an invaluable asset.

Being open to new technologies and emerging work methodologies keeps our skills up-to-date, helping us have a competitive job profile within the labour market. Companies seek individuals with vertical and specialised skills who can quickly and efficiently embrace new concepts and approaches.

Digital skills: a must for the future

In today's working environment, traditional skills are increasingly being complemented and sometimes overtaken by digital skills. Sectors such as marketinggraphics, and design require some mastery of digital technologies, as it would be anachronistic to approach specific fields without a solid digital skills base

However, the demand for such knowledge extends beyond mere technological operability. It is no longer just a matter of knowing how to use digital tools but of understanding their impact and integrating them strategically within professional activities. 

Emerging trends in the world of design and graphics

The dynamic design and graphics sector is characterised by a continuous process of reinvention and innovation, even more so than other sectors. 

When outlining the future of professions in this sector, several trends emerge that are shaping the current landscape and anticipating future developments:

-          Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Integrating AR and VR is radically changing how we conceive design and user experience. These technologies are finding applications in multiple sectors, from game design to education.

-          Sustainable Design

With increasing environmental concerns, sustainable design is gaining ground. This new branch of design is no longer just about pure aesthetics but is becoming an imperative response to the need to reduce environmental impact through informed design choices.

-          Generative Design

The emergence of generative design powered by artificial intelligence represents a revolutionary trend: this approach enables the creation of unique designs through algorithms and predictive models. The ability to generate original solutions, driven by AI innovation, opens up new horizons in design, challenging traditional conceptions and giving rise to surprising results.

The crucial role of digital marketing

As emphasised, digital marketing is a critical element in the success of any business, offering a wide range of professional opportunities in an ever-growing field. 

This field encompasses several "new" activities, each requiring specific skills; the effective management of social media, for example, is essential for building and maintaining a good and effective online presence, considering the large pool of users that nowadays use social platforms.

Equally important in this area is content optimisation for search engines (SEO), i.e. the activity that ensures optimal online visibility of published content. Companies increasingly demand SEO specialists to improve search engine rankings and increase online visibility. 

Despite the advancement of new forms of communication, email marketing remains a powerful strategy to reach audiences and is entrusted to specialists responsible for creating targeted and effective campaigns.

Generally speaking, digital marketing requires a combination of technical and creative skills. Individuals who can understand and effectively use tools such as Google Analytics, manage online advertising campaigns and create engaging content will play a vital role in the future of digital marketing.

Courses and training: investing in your professional future

Investing in your professional future means embracing the opportunity for high-quality training. In this context, IED - Istituto Europeo di Design offers a diversified range of carefully conceived and designed training courses that respond perfectly to the evolving needs of the labour market. 

Discover the education proposals for:

Animation, 3D and Game Design

Design Strategy and Management

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Interaction Design and User Experience


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