Graphic Designers: who they are, what they do, and how to become one

Who are they and what do they do?

Within graphic arts, a Graphic Designer represents the creative mind shaping the visual elements essential for defining a brand’s or company’s identity.

With advanced skills in using sophisticated design software, this professional transcends abstract concepts, transforming them into tangible and captivating visual materials. Their sphere of activity includes numerous activities such as designing advertising graphics, creating websites, producing a variety of printed and digital, and motion graphics, which are essential for animating content and communicating it engagingly. 

Role and Responsibilities

Professionally, the Graphic Designer assumes a crucial role as a mediator between the client's vision and its visual realisation.

I As emphasised, this professional must have advanced proficiency in design software, and a deep understanding of colour and font language to achieve this.Their ability to create visual materials that capture the target audience’s attention goes beyond simply designing eye-catching layouts, extending to the thoughtful decision-making of every detail, from colour selection to the strategic use of graphic elements.

Career and Salary

Every Graphic Designer has the flexibility to shape their professional career by choosing from various job opportunities, whether offered by graphic design studios, advertising agencies,  and companies, or pursued as freelancers.

In general, the compensation of a Graphic Designer – primarily shaped by experience and specialization area - presents a varied panorama of prospects. Over time, experienced Graphic Designers can reach significant compensation, especially by consolidating a reputation for excellence in their field.

Among the various targeted specialisations that can contribute to a rewarding career path for Graphic Designers are:

Illustration and Animation

With a solid aesthetic and narrative sensitivity, the Graphic Designer specialising in Illustration and Animation brings engaging and original visual stories to life through highly advanced artistic and graphic techniques.

Web Project Design

Graphic Designers specialising in Web Project Design are increasingly sought-after professionals. With vertical expertise in user interface (UI) design and user experience (UX) optimisation, this Graphic Designer closely collaborates with developers and marketing teams to transform creative visions into compelling online experiences.


Graphic designers with a creative advertising mindset have the opportunity to specialise in advertising, where they will be expected to execute  design projects, as well as developing visual communication campaigns where conceptualisation, branding strategy and artistic direction enhance their value.

Editorial Illustration

For an industry increasingly focused on quality and productivity, Graphic Designers specialising in editorial illustration stand out for their ability to create impactful images and contribute to the visual communication of stories, articles, and editorial content. Their skill in interpreting complex concepts and transforming them into unique illustrations is essential for capturing the audience's attention and enriching the reading experience.

Skills and Training

There are many key skills required for a Graphic Designer and may vary depending on the branch of specialisation, but they always include creativity, a thorough mastery of the most well-known and used design software, and a detailed knowledge of design principles.

The course of study to become a Graphic Designer may include, in order:

-          Three-Year Degree in Design (or with a background in related disciplines)

-          Master’s degree or Master Course to acquire a specific expertise

-          Refresher courses or workshops, important throughout your career to remain competitive in the industry.

How to become a Graphic Designer

If becoming a professional Graphic Designer is your dream, IED offers highly professional and educational courses. You will gain all the necessary skills through state-of-the-art teaching programmes to succeed in this creative and dynamic field. 

Discover IED's range of courses and embark on your path towards a challenging and rewarding career as a Graphic Designer.

Three-Year Degrees
To acquire a solid foundation

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