Graphic Designer

A Graphic Designer develops visual communication projects. This professional feels comfortable inside a broad and multi-sided territory, ranging from traditional graphics to the new frontiers of digital media, merging traditional professions and original forms of expression. The Graphic Designer is capable of reading the beauty around, is interested in art and is up-to-date with the last trends: all characteristics that allow to be able to follow commercial logics and social dynamics. This creative figure knows how to use visual and communication techniques in each kind of work: from packaging design, up to film graphics, a logo for a new product or the creation of a trendy brand.



As Thesis Project, Antonija Bubalo and Sofia Fonda, IED Milano students, focused on news satire, which is a parody presented in the typical formats of traditional journalism. So, they created a book showing how it communicates with the public using printed materials, TV, and the web, reaching people in several countries of the world. They choose to develop such a project in order to become a more active audience themselves and to help people developing a critical mind. See the whole project.


Look what two students from IED Milano, Alessandro Comotti and Federico Fascilla, designed for the Graphic Design 3 exam in their 3rd year. Just before their Final Thesis, they created GEARS, a quarterly publication aimed at analyzing the global innovation scene through the technology that surrounds us every day.
The project included a website and smartphone application and the addition of interactive contents to support the articles. They mostly dealt with publishing design, digital publishing and interaction design.

Rebranding Project – Swiss School Milan

The Swiss Center of Milan involved Graphic Design students attending the second year in a contest for the designing of its new visual identity. The proposals submitted have been more than 30. The winner project, designed by IED Milano students Marica Musco, Alberto Pozzani, and Lorenzo Rabellino Béthaz, has been adopted by the school as official corporate iedentity

Graphic Design project: Bee+

Davide Bitton, IED student in Graphic Design, developed Bee+ social non-profit app, cycling kindness as an inner economy alternative to money: skills, knowledge, abilities and opinion in a circular way instead of a direct one, based on daily necessities of any form of assistance. And a new brand image for the association GentleTude.


As final exam of the  Digital Video course, that is held during the 3rd year of Graphic Design, students faced for the first time a whole motion graphics project producing an explanatory video of the film The Big Lebowski. From drafting the storyboard to the editing of the copy, students took care of every step of the video production, achieving a professional output. A special mention must be given to the focus on character design and the single animations of the scenes composing the final video. Watch the video.

Here are shown IED Milano students project that participated to the contest Logo Against Alzheimer’s ended in February 2018. It was a special project and the Silvia Moccaldi / Eliomattia Scordamaglia and Christian Marelli teams were finalist. You can see here some brand design work: logo design with color tests, mockups, and sketches about three of the submitted projects.

Wander – Digital Community APP

If you don’t book an hotel, in a new city you have no place to leave your luggage, except for the luggage rooms in airport or train stations that sometimes are really expensive. Wander connects you to people living in the city, bars, b&b, and whoever would like to earn few moneys keeping your luggage for some time in an empty place of their property. The graphic interface of this app has been designed by Sofia Fonda, Graphic Design student at IED Milano.


In occasion of the 60th anniversary of its launch, the magazine Quattroruote asked IED Torino Graphic Design Students to realise the new logo. The briefing required the presentation of a project declined in different colours and formats, adaptable to digital devices, merchandising, and institutional instruments. The winning project has been realised by Jacopo Boggione, Alessandro Calabrese, and Flavia Giolito. The vintage mood of the image has been particularly appreciated, because it recalls the concept of a historical magazine that since 60 years provides constant updates on the last trends in the automotive field.

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IED Milano: Dario Accanti and Giuseppe Liuzzo

IED Roma: Luigi Vernieri

IED Torino: Michele Bortolami and Tommaso Delmastro

IED Venezia: Davide G. Aquini

IED Firenze: Daiana Salucci

IED Cagliari: Angela Cotza


The professional world requires a highly qualified and cross-disciplinary preparation. For this reason, IED suggests its students to keep themselves informed and updated through courses that are complementary to those they followed during their undergraduate pathway.

See the list of IED Master courses held in Italy, in English language: learn more.