Start date

November 2024


Full time


On campus


6 Months

Course Coordination

Valentina Gensini


9.800 €

Join our Master's Course in Museum Experience Design at IED Firenze to become a designer of cultural projects

Join us in the challenge of a world that is witnessing extraordinary changes and new opportunities. Experiencing museums today is all about setting new standards, where multidisciplinary learning and new technologies are key to create immersive content for visitors.

With the Master's Course in Museum Experience Design you will be provided with extensive training to work as a museum professional. You will acquire the skills you need to share views and dialogue with your potential target markets. 

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Designing concepts and collections for public engagement and audience development

The Master's Course in Museum Experience Design at IED Firenze involves a combination of lectures, workshops, business case histories, projects, visits to public or private institutions, museums and foundations. All this will give you the opportunity to experience the best practice applied in Italy across the sector. Some lectures will be given in English to provide an overview of the most relevant specialist experience. You will have the opportunity to cover a variety of topics, skills and other relevant global challenges involved in the area of contemporary museum management.

Based on a multidisciplinary approach, this Master's Course consists of topic-specific modules combining theory with practical workshops. Theory lectures will introduce you to key interpretation and communication tools for designing cultural and museum activities. On the other hand, practical workshops will provide you with first-hand experience of planning, organising, managing and assessing educational and edutainment projects.

The aim of this Master's Course is to train up future designers of education, communication, language and graphics with deep knowledge of museums and strong critical thinking skills. Your vision will be open-minded and forward-looking as here you will be given an opportunity that has no equal in the Italian education system. Indeed, you will be able to share views and work with experienced professionals from some of the most important institutions and organisations around.

The Master's Course in Museum Experience Design is for those who feel passionate about culture. It is intended for students with degrees in Cultural Heritage, Educational Sciences, Humanities, History, Philosophy, Anthropology, Architecture, Design and also for graduates from Fine Arts Academies. Students with a different background can also enrol as long as they have gained experience working with museum institutions or cultural associations.

We are confident about this choice as, when creating a project, the variety of skills brought to the table is a great added value. Over the six months of in-class training, you will have the opportunity to work in teams, building long-lasting relationships that will support your growth and contribute to your career progression as you develop successful projects together with your peers.

The Master's Course in Museum Experience Design at IED Firenze is a great learning opportunity, full of insights that can be further explored as you prepare to move into your future career in this field. 

The key asset of this Master's Course is that training is delivered in the open-air museum setting of Florence, a city that is home to some of the most significant art collections in the world. Here you will gain first-hand experience of all the professions involved in museum work, sharing methods and working with case studies as you approach the job market through hands-on learning and real work experience.

This course provides you in just six months with specialist skills in the areas of museum design, cultural communication, mediation and learning techniques involved in the promotion and use of cultural heritage.


Study programme

The Master's Course in Museum Experience Design will take you through a process covering all steps of development, planning, organisation, management and evaluation of educational and edutainment projects for museums, cultural heritage, art collections and foundations. Theory lectures will be combined with hands-on visits and practical training. With this course, you will develop a project-based approach based on practical experience as a way to design new learning experiences bringing more value to temporary exhibitions, permanent collections as well as artistic and cultural sites.

The course is concluded with a dissertation project, where you will have the opportunity to design a gallery or develop museum experiences from briefs provided by partner institutions. This will be a great opportunity for you to expand your work portfolio, which you will be sharing with your customers while presenting the dissertation project.


Valentina Gensini

Art Historian

Course Coordinator

Martino Margheri


Pietro Gaglianò


Maria Chiara Ciaccheri

Designer, researcher, lecturer

Michele Trimarchi


Giuliana Ciancio

Researcher, Cultural Manager and Curator

Alessandra Capodacqua

Photographer and Professor

Fabio Viola

Metaverse Designer, Videogame Designer & Producer, Videogames Museum Curator

Marco Peri

Art Historian    

Veronica Caciolli

Art Historian, Curator and Professor