Start date

October 2024


Full time


On campus


2 Years



Course Coordination

Marco Frigerio

The Master of Arts in Product Design - Techno-Bodies for Equal Futures program, embraces a strong technological orientation and an innovative approach to product design.

Focusing on improving the human experience, it explores a vast design territory: from customizing products to adapt to users' bodies to designing prostheses, making use of both consolidated and innovative and experimental methodologies.  

This evolution of user-centered design addresses the ethical, social, cultural and environmental implications in a systemic way. The course explores how a fairer future can be shaped, enhancing physical and mental well-being according to the principles of Health and Wellbeing. One imagines an expansion of the forms of prosthetic enhancement for all bodies, analyzing the image and functioning of the society of the future.    

Through an interdisciplinary culture the course aims to provide courses of structured technical training aimed at the development of products and scenarios capable of meeting the needs of individuals, society and nature, offering a critical and competent training in both interpretation and design. 

The Course is subject to authorisation by MUR for A.Y. 2024/25


Marco Frigerio

Course Leader