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August 2024




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4 Years

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Roberto Antonio Slusarz Filho

The Fashion Design course has as its objective to give the student a solid base regarding the various aspects of this field, exploring both the methods and the technical-operations side, helping to form a highly flexible specialist capable of working in various types of environments and disciplines: from the small artisanal producer to the small-medium size company, all the way up to the largest multinationals.

Practical projects, contact with renowned professionals, partnerships with Brazilian and multinational labels, with professors of reference in their fields, state-of-the-art laboratories, experience with design students in the most diversified areas, and international networking. These are some of the differentials IED São Paulo offers students. This environment provides the appropriate structure for a solid cultural formation and the development of creative, technical, and emotional competencies required for students willing to work and outstand in the vibrant Fashion market in Brazil and abroad.

IED São Paulo’s Fashion Design Undergraduate Programme creates professionals qualified to work in the most diversified segments of the industry, from those willing to create their own collections and labels to those willing to sign creations for major labels, as well as students interested in the fields of Photography, Publishing, Patternmaking, Production, Marketing, and Businesses. The course uses the “knowledge & know-how” approach, which has characterized the IED since its foundation in Milan, in 1966.

The School works in order to conduct the student’s skills to “making fashion” and creates professionals capable of working in teams and combining creativity with technical skills throughout all development phases of fashion products and services - from conception to production, from launching to commercialization.

Information to decide

The Fashion professional needs to know all basic instruments to work in the industry. The professional may choose to be a Fashion Designer - responsible for creating clothing and accessories, such as purses and shoes -, or to work in the field of Marketing & Businesses, or develop further in specific phases of the productive chain or the publishing field. These professionals must know how to deal with new technologies and differentiated materials, managing products and services as a constant trend-watcher.

This professional must have dialogue skills and be responsible for mediating internal areas of a company, such as Marketing, Production, Patternmaking, and Sewing. Also, this professional must dialogue with several types of external stakeholders, such as suppliers, photographers, journalists, fashion communication specialists, stylists, runway producers, etc.


Roberto Antonio Slusarz Filho

Course Coordinator

André Caperutto

Débora Carammaschi

Edmundo da Silva Pedro

Fábio Romito

Gil Tokio

José Carlos Carreira

Juliana Lopes

Kátia Lamarca

Letícia Diniz Gonçalves

Lucius Vilar

Patrícia Kiss Spinelli

Yael Amazonas

Maya Guizzo

What people say

A creative bridge between Milan and São Paulo, with the "Transatlantic" murals

Cooperative art fills distances. The 9523 km between Milan and São Paulo becomes an element of union, with the project of Graphic Design students from both the cities: two unique murals to celebrate the essence of each place. This project was undertaken as part of the first COIL program (Collaborative Online International Learning).