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October 2024






5 Months

Course Coordination

Alessandra Montanaro


1.450 €

Learn to use the software to innovate and optimise all the product development processes

The CLO3D application is revolutionising the production process for fashion companies by allowing them to quickly and efficiently create virtual, realistic clothing models, thus reducing the need to create physical prototypes.  

On an increasingly competitive and sustainability-conscious market, knowing how to use CLO3D means meeting the need for the design of fashion garments and accessories in a cutting edge manner, while at the same time reducing the waste of raw materials.   

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Create three-dimensional prototypes of garments and accessories, from conception to virtual presentation.

The CLO3D course consists of several modules, and is designed to convey the technical skills needed to effectively use the software, the practical skills required for its application, and the communication skills necessary to deliver professional presentations.  

During the first part of the course, by practising on standard garments, participants will be taught how to create and customise garments, fabrics, and avatars of their own design. Next, advanced software techniques will be explored, focusing on the rendering of materials and accessories, the application of graphics, and the animation of the garment. Participants will also learn how to create engaging and photorealistic images of 3D projects, with the aim of obtaining the skills needed to present and communicate their projects at a professional level

This extremely vertical and highly detailed course is designed for fashion professionals already working in the fashion industry who want to expand their knowledge of 3D design.  

A good knowledge of the Photoshop and Illustrator graphics applications is required, as is a basic understanding of modelling.  

This course represents a unique opportunity for those looking to gain a foothold in the fashion industry, as well as those who want to distinguish themselves as fashion professionals. 

This is because: 

·        Participants will learn the specific techniques for each garment, from the simplest elements, like constructing a t-shirt, to advanced garments, like pleated skirts and padded jackets; 
·        Participants will have the opportunity to design a garment or accessory starting with a pattern, and to customise it by adding different metallic elements, fabrics, and textures; 
·        Participants can work on their projects using the IED software licence, which provides for thirty hours of free use on the cloud platform;  


·        Under the lecturer’s guidance, participants will be able to create projects to be included in their professional portfolios



The course covers various topics, including the introduction to the software, the creation and customisation of clothing prototypes, the creation of fabric and leather accessories, and the design and visual communication of the project. 


Alessandra Montanaro

Fashion Consultant

Course Coordinator

Irene Repetto