Fashion Stylist



Start date

November 2024






7 Months

Course Coordination

Marta Modena


3.800 €

Styling as a tool for incisive, coordinated and contemporary communication of the fashion product.

Become a versatile figure working in different fields, from publishing to film and videomaking.

The Fashion Stylist plays a complex role because he/she has to master a number of soft skills: from designing a fashion shoot to developing editorial content, from using graphic software to creative thinking, from brand restyling to developing online and print advertising campaigns.

With this course, you will acquire all the knowledge you need to present yourself and operate confidently within the profession. It will constitute important in-depth education for your future career, training to become an expert in the promotion of the fashion product and the aesthetic-stylistic imagery that characterises it.

Information to decide

Develop a concept for a complete styling project

The course enables the development of an autonomous research methodology, involving the creation of a series of working moodboards, based on a collection of guiding images. You will also delve into the developments and changes in modern and contemporary dress codes. Starting with the roots, the current stylistic and cultural landscape will be presented in order to understand future trends.

For men, women, kids and still life, you will produce a visual body of work. Supervised by a lecturer, you will develop a complete project, from the analysis to the development of the idea and emotional references, from the analysis of the photography and consequent suitable location to the interpretation, styling, casting, make-up and hair styling up to the editing and final presentation.  

This course is aimed at those who have a strong passion for fashion understood above all in its communicative dimension and who wish to undertake training to acquire the necessary tools and knowledge to work as a Fashion Stylist on a professional level.

If you dream of working for fashion magazines, fashion and advertising agencies and TV or film production companies, this is the perfect training for you. 

Here are 4 reasons to choose this course:

●      In addition to fashion styling dedicated to women's and men's design, specific segments will be reserved for the world of kids and still life, to offer comprehensive training;

●      You will create your own personal portfolio: a high standard of professional post-production shoots to get you into the world of work as competitively as possible;
●      You will participate in workshops and laboratory activities directly on a set and guided by a professional photographer; you will also understand how to relate to different professionals and manage the set effectively;
●      The lecturers are professionals in the field who will share their knowledge gained from experience in the field.


The course is developed through the following modules: Photoshop and InDesign, research methodology, visual culture, contemporary fashion, trend forecasting, still life, fashion publishing, fashion styling - women's, men's and kids' design, casting, photographic techniques.


Marta Modena

Course Coordinator

Luca Smorgon

Creative Director, Image Consultant

Mia Vilardo

Chiara Malaspina

Simona Valentini

Giacomo Cusano

Director of Education at Krisalide Institute, Freelance consultant

Valeria Mediani

Giulia Smith

Casting Director