03 February 2021

After 5 years of Jams around the world, it is time to recap and reflect. We participated in the 5-year report created by the Digital Society School of Amsterdam about the Global Goals Jams.

Global Goals Jam’s 5-year report (2016-2020) showcases the stories and learnings of key partners -such as IED- of a global community of change-makers that, from 2016 to 2020, have been discussing how to face our global challenges. Created by the Digital Society School of Amsterdam, each Jam seeks to find short-term solutions towards the achievement, by 2030, of the Sustainable Development Goals identified by the United Nations.

There are stories from community members, partners, and case studies from local Jammers worldwide: India, Japan, Brazil, Italy or Uganda. To do so, each year during the two-days event, a team of jammers discussed and created prototypes for challenges around Water, Climate Change, Health and Well-being, Responsible Consumption and Production, and more.

The Global Goals Jam, after 5 years, still is one of the strongest examples of the passion the global creative community has to become leaders of a positive transformation of this planet, and of what a global learning society might look like: using design, shared goals, global activism, cross-cultural collaboration and local activation”, says Marco van Hout, founder of the Global Goals Jams.

Simona Maccagnani, head of IED Centro Ricerche: "Not only is the Global Goals Jam a search for solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges, it is an ongoing process of experimentation and fine-tuning of the creative process that inspires, promotes innovation, and maximises personal and collective potential beyond the event itself".

World Design Organization president Srini Srinivasan points out: “As president of WDO, I am always pleased and proud when our community comes together in service of a larger goal. WDO is the only global design organization that connects design professionals, design educators, corporations and municipalities from over 40 countries. We as designers have the power and the ability to ensure a better future. As we celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Global Goals Jam, I am confident that the program will continue to inspire and motivate new generations of designers to use design for good and social impact.”


To know more, read Marco van Hout's article “Impact Report. Five Years of Global Goals Jam”.

Download the digital report here.

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