27 October 2022

IED collaborates in this upcoming edition of Design Week Puebla: a festival dedicated to design, art, and culture through a virtual conference given by Alina Emira, Fashion Director at IED Kunsthal Bilbao

IED collaborates in this edition of Design Week Puebla through a virtual conference given by Alina Emira, Fashion Director at IED Kunsthal Bilbao.

Design Week Puebla is a hybrid festival where the programming seeks to be diverse in formats, both physically and virtually -adaptable and flexible. Showcasing and reflecting a collective vision around our origins, lifestyles, societies, and the creative process in traditional craft. Bringing forth knowledge and products with identity.

The topic of the conference will be:

"Innovation and circular economy in the textile and fashion industry" - Post Covid Era

The resilience of supply chains has been tested during the pandemic. Especially in highly internationalized companies, with suppliers distributed in numerous countries that have been suffering the consequences of the pandemic, in different periods and on different scales

We will learn about how the sector is behaving at an international level, trends in fashion creation and business development; as well as the challenges they face in the short and long term. It is important to measure the impact of the pandemic and its repercussions on maritime, air, and land transport, in addition to reviewing contracts with critical suppliers, among other new challenges.


Alina is a Fashion Designer with extensive international experience, she has professional experience in Milan-Italy and in Spain, where she has also won recognized awards for her projects such as "Milan Design Week", "Vogue Italy Call Talent Contest'', among others. She has also worked for different Italian, North American, and Catalan companies such as Custo Barcelona.

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