11 November 2019

Bodin and Dilara presented their latest collection Memento

Bodin and Dilara graduated from Master in Design - IED Milano - and after their studies in IED they decided to found their design studio YELLOWODOT in Hong Kong.

Yellowdot Design Studio was founded in Hong Kong in 2017 by design duo Bodin and Dilara from Hong Kong and Istanbul. The Yellowdot Design team splits its time between consultancy work and their own brand.

Inspired by the mesmerizing sight of soap bubbles frozen in time, the ‘Memento' collection is an exploration of new ways to treasure and share objects that provide people with joy and inspiration. Composed of a divider screen, light dome, capsule, and desk tray to elegantly display one’s favourite memories and objects to give them a special place within the living space. ‘Memento’ focuses on objects for story-telling and collecting priceless memories - in response to the social impact on the digitisation of human memory.




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