09 February 2024

In occasion of the 74th edition of the Festival notable IED stylists took center stage, elevating the looks of singers and presenters

IED alumni left an indelible mark on the 74th edition of Sanremo music Festival elevating the looks of singers, presenters, and guests.

We are proud to detail their artistic work.


Nick Cerioni's elegance shines through

Our renowned stylist Nick Cerioni graced the winner Angelina Mango, Il Volo, and the co-hosts Paola and Chiara, with his exquisite taste. Notably, Cerioni opted for the renowned brand ETRO, under the creative direction of Marco De Vincenzo, IED Roma alumnus, recently appointed as Academic Mentor for the course in Fashion Design - IED Milano. Furthermore Angelina Mango worn Clivia ring by Voodoo Jewels, brand launched by Livia Lazzari, Alumna in Jewelry Design - IED Roma.


Rebecca Baglini's masterful touch

Our Alumna Rebecca Baglini, demonstrating her prowess, adorned co-host Mattia Stanga, the band Negramaro, and singers Dargen D'Amico and Ricchi e Poveri. Baglini's influence is not only in her styling choices but also in her role as a mentor to Valentina Motta and Federica Olmi, both Alumni IED Milano, who made their Sanremo debut as stylists for Sangiovanni.


Simone Folli's glamour graces Rosa Chemical

The second night of the festival witnessed a dazzling performance by Rosa Chemical who was covered by glamour thanks to their stylist Simone Folli, alumnus IED Milano, responsible for curating the distinctive look. 


Mattia Cerri's words in a manifesto song

Our alumnus Mattia Cerri, composer and producer, is one of the co-authors of Fiorella Mannoia's song 'Mariposa' winner of 'Sergio Bardotti Award' for the best lyrics in the competition at the 2024 Sanremo Festival.


Giò Forma Studio adds artistic flair

Giò Forma Studio undertakes the artistic direction of Negramaro and Ghali's performances. Cristiana Picco and Claudio Santucci, founders of the studio alongside Florian Boje, also serve as faculty members of the Master in Event Management at IED Milano. Their combined expertise enhances the visual spectacle of Sanremo, adding depth and creativity to the festival's performances.


We are so proud of their successes and wish them all the best for their career.


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