15 September 2022

On 30 September, 12 managers from large companies will meet online with students and lecturers to discuss a highly topical issue.

Adapting to change and innovation without forgetting people and consequences. It is with this “declaration of intent” that the annual meeting of the Advisory Board of the IED Milano School of Communication will be held on Friday, 30 September, (10.00 am - 12.30 pm), a meeting in which the board consisting of 12 managers of large companies will meet to find and offer food for thought on the challenges of the contemporary world, to be translated into input for teaching and the working world.

The meeting, which is open to students and lecturers (with simultaneous translation into English) can also be attended by the public at large by pre-registering at this link.

Here is a video of the 2021 edition, with a focus on the changes in the world of Communications driven by the Covid-19 pandemic and how they will be reflected in the future of industry education.

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