14 September 2022

“Being flexible, facing daily challenges with courage I think has been a great lesson I've learned”.

After graduating in Industrial Product Design at IED Milano, he began his career in visual arts communication as an art director.

Andrea Crespi is an artist who loves to experiment, through a constant search for different media, from the more traditional ones to the digital. His recognisable and constantly evolving style is a new pop key to optical art: the seductive lines of female bodies mingle with the iconic black and white optical lines

Involved in numerous collaborations with famous fashion brands, he never misses an opportunity to support critical social causes, as when he auctioned the original NFT artwork and the fine art print, inspired by Steve McCurry’s “Afghan Girl” (1984) on to support the OTB foundation projects in Afghanistan. 

His latest work was the New York display on the famous screens in Times Square, of the NFT artwork 'Propaganda'. 


IED allowed me to understand the importance of creativity. It taught me what it means to research, design, and communicate. It helped me to contaminate my mind by working together with other talented people”, explains the artist.

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