21 April 2023

An Open-Air exhibition in 20 suburban areas of the city from April 24

The coloured drawings of the young Israeli artist Talia Zoref - who has worked for Chanel, Fendi, Dior, Cèline Dion, Mariah Carey and is included among the country's female artists in rankings by Forbes -  will "dress" the city's suburbs.

Watch the suburbs! offering a reflection on the topic of urban regeneration where the banner spaces become large “canvases” on which the exhibition's narrative is built.

"With the works exhibited in the streets instead of in a museum, in an unusual setting outside of the traditional tourist-cultural venues, the School is seeking to establish a dialogue on the relationship between the suburbs and the city centre so that suburban areas can become increasingly integrated with the city's identity”, explained Danilo Venturi, Director of IED Firenze.

Using symbols, lines and shapes Talia Zoref represents the past, present and future of everyone's condition: calmness, sadness, surrender, harmony. She is inspired by the contrast between the colourful, fun world of fashion and the always critical consideration of designers, women and dreamers. She likes to explore different types of techniques and tools such as digital illustration, watercolours, acrylic on canvas and the mixed spray and marker technique.

Visible on a 4x3 m ledwall, the 20 works will be exhibited for two weeks starting April 24 in 20 suburban streets selected by IED Firenze to witness the metropolitan transformation on the edge of the city centre.

The exhibition's itinerary: Baccio da Montelupo, Ponte A Greve, Baracca N., Canova In entrata, Chiantigiana, Erbosa, Firenze Nord - Calenzano, Gignoro, Magellano, Redi, Talenti, Via Di Prato, Via Mariti, Via Palagio Degli Spini, Via Villamagna, Viale Paoli, Viale Paoli - Stadio, Viale Xi Agosto.


Cover photo: Talia Zoref by Craft 7

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