13 May 2022

Idoia García de Cortázar majored in Fine Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the UPV EHU, holds a Masters degree in "Social Function of Design" and in Innovation Strategies and Business Design: with a specialty in Humanization and Service Design. She directs research projects in different areas of Service Design: humanization, innovation plans and quality measurement for public institutions. She defines her work as "turning problems into opportunities by focusing on the user and using empathy as a fundamental tool".

During our visit, Idoia García de Cortázar will give a series of workshops and conferences with our allies in Perú. During the week of June 6 through 10, we’ll be visiting some of the most renowned universities in the country that teach programs related to the creative industries.


Conference: “Service Design as a Strategic Engine for companies”

Service design is a strategic element for understanding and satisfying customer needs at a time of great challenges for companies. In this way, design becomes a lever to accelerate technological innovation within the organization and deal with external changes. Only companies that offer users better ways to interact with their daily decisions and their money in the future will survive. And for this we need to not only change what we offer to customers, but the way we create it. Creating opportunities, meeting people's needs and solving their problems are the principles that guide the work of a service designer. The mission is to find the balance between the feasibility of production, the technology applied and the purpose of the business with a true understanding of the wishes of consumers. The aim is for students to see the opportunity of working around three essential vertices: design and data; technology and engineering; and business development. In short, work for the future.

In addition, all those who are interested in being part of IED will have the opportunity to learn about its academic offer at the headquarters in Spain and Italy. There will also be someone to speak with and to ask questions related to our study plans, costs, scholarships, admission requirements, discounts and promotions, etc.

Below we invite you to some of the events open to the public in their virtual formats:

Thursday, June 9

Schedule: 19:00 h - 20:00 h (local time)

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