14 September 2022

Next September 22nd & 23rd, IED will participate in the sixth edition of the Visual Merchandising Workshop Latinamerica with the experts Anna Sabater and Marc Guitart.

Anna Sabater is a fashion product strategic consultant, coordinator and professor at IED Barcelona. She has developed her training transversally from business administration and marketing to fashion and fabric design at prestigious international universities. This vision that unites the company with the intangible concepts of ideas in fashion, is what she has incorporated into her professional profile throughout her career, developing her own methodologies focused on making collections profitable while making concepts, trends and the ideas around a differential brand proposal.

Anna will give the conference "The New Points of Sale, Experience and Efficiency" where she will talk about the growth of online sales, and how points of sale are being transformed into spaces of experience. The conference will show how this experience can be integrated, without neglecting the efficiency of the spaces, through the connection of the brand with the product and visual merchandising.

Marc Guitart, Founder and CEO of brandcelona® and brandlond® and professor at IED Barcelona.

Interdisciplinary designer and brand consultant. In 2006 he founded brandcelona®, and in 2018 brandlond® strategic business consultancy. 

He combines comprehensive design and consulting services with teaching. He has been awarded throughout his career with different distinctions and national and international awards. Since 2002, he has taught classes and lectures at different universities nationally and internationally.

Marc will give the conference "Without a good brand, you don't exist: Designing a 360 brand experience is key to being different, reference and memorable", where he will talk about the current situation that is making us rethink the way we see and interact with society and therefore, how we interact with brands.

Now is the time to create and design a message that honestly, directly and closely communicates our brand. A vision with positioning and perception of value will allow brands to be the lever of innovation for the business objectives of each organization, and attend with guarantees to the new opportunities that are generated around new consumption habits and trends.

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